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“Transform Your Captured Moments Into a Beautifully Crafted Photo Book that Tells the Story of Your Unique Creative Expression!”

LIFE is a collection of captured moments and the stories those moments tell...

...and that is what I truly LOVE about's the primary choice of creative expression for nearly EVERYONE these days, especially with the advent of mobile devices! Everyone, it seems, is now a photographer, and that's a beautiful thing because we can tell the story of our life (or the stories of others) in ways that were not possible before!

The overwhelming success of Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest is proof that telling life stories is alive and well in the 21st Century! But you have likely ALSO noticed that print books are ALSO alive and well. While scrolling through Social Media to see the captured moments of others is certainly enjoyable, it certainly is not a replacement for holding a beautifully-designed book IN YOUR HANDS that inspires you!
“There is something truly magical about an inspiring collection of visual moments captured in time through your photography!”

We are visual people and, if you're like me, looking through photo-based books inspires you to: 

    • Visit those quaint shops in that overseas town they photographed.
    • Try that new food recipe they shared.
    • Create a garden using the flowers shown.
    • Go on that adventure they documented.
    • Build the same style of Family Room.
    • Collect together YOUR family's historical and current photos.
    • Share your OWN photos, art, and ideas for the things you love.

Whatever speaks to you! There is NO wrong way to do this!
“But I’m Not a Professional Photographer OR a Designer...”

So what! Where does it say that professional photographers or designers are the ONLY ones who can tell visual stories that inspire others? There are SO MANY moments that each of us experiences daily that WOULD inspire others...and it is time for you to share YOURS! 

In my brand-new training, I will show you how, step-by-step!

Here are some of the moments I have captured over the years...
Introducing the...
“Photo Book Mastermind”
In this 3-Module training, we will explore the best ways to tell your visual story using photos and art. We will also dig into the best software to use for laying out your photo book as well as the best printing options, how to market and sell your book and more!

Here is what to expect in “Photo Book Mastermind”...
  • Module One: Decide
  • The Story to Tell
  • Types of Photo Books (Photography, Travel, Genealogy/Family, Day in the Life, Daily Series, etc.).
  • Formats and Layouts
  • Organizing Your Images to Save Your Sanity
  • Planning Your Book (Page Count, Page Size, etc.)
  • What Should (and Shouldn’t) Be Included
  • Module Two: Design
  • Best Layout Software
  • Telling Your Story Creatively
  • Creative Page Design Ideas and Layouts
  • Using Design Elements and Type
  • Designing Your Cover
  • About Your Words and Descriptions
  • Module Three: Deliver
  • Bringing Everything Together for Print
  • Your Best Printing Options
  • Pricing, Sales and Upselling Related Products
  • Marketing Your Book and Spreading the Word
  • Social Media Strategies (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube…the Big Three)
  • BONUS: Photo Pro Tutorials:
  • Photo Compositing Tricks
  • Stunning B&W Photos
  • Photo Plugin Magic
  • Nighttime Photography
  • Product Photo Secrets
  • Hand-Coloring B&W Photos
  • Restoring Faded Photos
As always, you will ALSO have ongoing access to the replays and the course slides PDFs.
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For a Limited Time, you can gain access to the LIVE-TAUGHT training workshop, as well as the “Photo Pro Tutorials” bonus, for a special discounted rate of just $47! That's a real-world savings of $150 off! 

I can't promise how long this introductory pricing will be available, but likely for the next few days ONLY...because I want to work with those who are ready to take action!
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“Photo Book Masterclass” 
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